We offer a technologically advanced whiteboard for virtual classrooms where students and teachers can both interact during live sessions.

It allows students and teachers to interact, write, demonstrate measurements, chat, share screens, and raise hand options for doubts during sessions. Our virtual classrooms allow for two-way communication, to promote engagement and learning.

Features include:

  • Option to Barge into live sessions for teachers and academy management
  • ‘Raise hand’ option for students
  • Moderated sessions
  • System test report
  • Tools like select, pointer, erase, and many more
  • Diagram drawing and shape selection
  • Share screen
  • Upload and save shared files
  • Send feedback
  • Live session scheduler

We aim to

  • Make sessions interactive and engaging
  • Make it easier for teachers and students to interact
  • Allow teachers to create break-out rooms for instant doubt removals
  • Increase interaction in real-time via internet
  • Foster creativity, improve student’s capability and capacity to perform
  • Support capacity building and training
  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Improve online learning with easy-to-use whiteboards
  • Improve teaching and learning environments for teachers and students

TG Gurukul Learning Framework