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  • TG Gurukul is uniquely positioned to rapidly execute and perpetuate National Education Policy 2020’s major initiatives for early, elementary, middle, and high school education for underserved populations across India.
  • Tomorrow’s Genius (TG) Gurukul provides core/supplemental academic education based on national and state boards and standards, as well as skill development and capacity building programs.
  • Our core and only mission is to provide a basic human right to the nation’s future generations – LEARNING.
  • TG GURUKUL IS “MADE IN INDIA AND MADE FOR INDIA.” We have invested over Rs. 150 crores in developing state-of-the-art technology for connectivity and learning management system, pedagogy, content, and teachers to create a scalable and economical framework to bridge the digital divide and jump start learning engines across diverse geographies, languages, and socio-economic strata across the nation.
  • TG Gurukul is an integrated platform and combines our teaching content, diagnostic and test banks with our on-staff accomplished and passionate educators to deliver personalized learning to each student.
  • TG Gurukul has been tested and is in use in India and globally in schools and corporates. We plan to address the college and university segments over 2023-24.
  • TG Gurukul is geographically agnostic, technologically sophisticated, secure, and infinitely scalable across all geographies provide digital and synchronous “cradle to career” learning.
  • TG’s principal USP is our pedagogical and learning methodology that is intrinsically linked with our learning management system “Learn, Practice, Excel” framework (patent pending) that has been designed at its foundation to be adaptable to specific areas of academic curricula across all grades and student aptitude, intellectual capacity building, and skill acquisition.
  • We have established a comprehensive educator recruitment process, training and assessment, processes, and framework.
  • We currently have over 125 team members globally comprising of teachers, education software specialists, subject matter and content experts, project managers, as well as program management and outreach professionals.
  • TG Gurukul is a division of GreenPoint Global – a NY-based ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 education and business services company with operations in India and Israel. GreenPoint has a roster of Fortune 500 clients and provides services in publishing, legal, technology and insurance sectors.

TG GURUKUL Unique Attributes

  • Educators and trainers do not have to travel to different locations. The nation’s best trainers are accessible to anyone across all states and geographies.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and psychometric testing to identify the unique strengths, learning styles and multiple intelligences for each of our students.
  • Learning content is delivered by a “live” trainer in real-time through engaging sessions.
  • New courses and learning programs can be seamlessly created and tailored.
  • Cloud-based highly secure architecture ensures easy but very safe and private environment for users.
  • Combination of “live” teaching and use of multimedia “whiteboard” makes the teaching and learning experience very effective.
  • Automated recording of sessions and sequential library for reference to earlier sessions and results.
  • Excellent support, reliability and sustainability from TG Gurukul Engineering and Support teams (24x7 remote support).
  • Teaching programs can be white labeled for in your state/education board.


  • Shortage of Qualified Teachers
    • There is a chronic shortage of qualified and experienced teachers in rural and tier 2 and 3 cities.
    • TG Gurukul has a large team of dedicated experienced and qualified teachers for all subjects and learning areas.
    • Our customized interactive content aids the learning process, equips educators, and engages students.
  • Progress Tracking and Reporting
    • Detailed real-time, daily, weekly and monthly reports are made available to students, parents, school principals and administrators to monitor student progress. Government/Institutes can make use of this data and measure learning program efficacy.
  • Integrated and Easy Setup
    • Minimal setup and easy to deploy for any school or program size.

Our Story

2017-22 journey with rootedness and pride in India

  • NEP 2020 - A rootedness and pride in India, and its rich, diverse, ancient and modern culture and knowledge systems and traditions;
  • TG Gurukul is “Made in India, Made for India” with global best-of-breed and cutting-edge pedagogy and technology


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TG Gurukul Learning framework


Students and instructors meet in a comfortable and interactive learning environment that facilitates day to day instruction.

A wide range of pedagogical tools support the learning process directly in the learning environment.


Learning is reinforced and monitored through assessment, adaptively programmed practice questions, with real-time results.

Students and instructors leverage these functionalities to optimise engagement and class time independent practice.


Students can use a large of quiz and question banks to reinforce the concepts and enhance their proficiency and skills.

This can be at the initiative of individual students or guided by educators and parents.

Recognizing individual student strengths

Testing and Survey Across Eight Dimensions

  • Rigorous information gathering.
  • Multidimensional assessment against established frameworks.
  • Student strength and gap creation.
  • Individualized learning paths when feasible with class size and student/teacher ratio.
  • Ironclad personal Data Privacy Protection with stringent parent clearance requirements and access rights.