Our technological advanced test platform created for 21st century students allows them to attempt self-practice and teacher-assigned tests by their selves.

It also provides result analytics of the tests and assignments submitted by the student. This allows teachers to improve educational processes and outcomes while monitoring and tracking the student’s performance. Students can take unlimited tests on-the-go for that extra practice.

Our test library consists of all unsolved test papers, including tests for self-practice, full-length papers, and chapter or topic-wise tests.

We aim to

  • Ensure constant test practice for students with minimal disruption
  • Ensure round-the-clock availability of chapter, topic or sub-topic tests, mock tests, core-concept tests and many more
  • Help teachers create and schedule tests on their own with our test scheduler
  • Support easy learning with our question-and-answer bank
  • Create question-and-answer banks as per Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Ensure quick results with automated answer explanation for MCQ explanation
  • Improve the learning outcomes of students
  • Digitise content for easy accessibility
  • Allow students to self-assess their knowledge with self-practice tests
  • Allows students to learn at their own pace
  • Improve teaching, learning and the evaluation process with our test platform

TG Gurukul Learning Framework