Our web-based Learning Management System (LMS) software allows government schools and institutes to organise, track, report, automate, and deliver educational courses, training programmes, or learning and development programmes.

LMS also helps you keep track of how much time each student has spent in each component of the course. We provide the LMS platform for educational courses in real-time and online

TG LMS’s primary functionalities are as follows:

  • Course Builder and Scheduler
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Test Library
  • Result Analytics
  • Student/Teacher Dashboard
  • Evaluation
  • Email and Chat Support
  • User Management

We aim to

  • Enhance and manage learning processes in an automated and pre-determined way
  • Create accessible courses and exams in accordance with the educational ecosystem mentioned in NDEAR
  • Deliver content to determine skill gap analysis, track and report analytics
  • Provide immediate access to learning and training materials
  • Enable learning on-the-go
  • Streamline learning processes
  • Provide a blended learning experience
  • Reduce schools’ expenditure
  • Provide efficient ways of learning
  • Provide instant feedback about their performance to students
  • Provide uninterrupted access to all content and course material to the learner
  • Eliminate chances of missing out on essential classes and not understanding the concept
  • Blend education with technology to accentuate students' learning and development process

TG Gurukul Learning Framework