TG Gurukul courses help you to prepare for competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, Olympiads, Dr Homi Bhabha, and others.

It increases the proficiency of the teachers. Its primary goal is to inspire teachers to support and nurture critical thinking in students.

We Have:

  • Capacity-building for teachers
  • Competency-based teaching and learning
  • Experiential and joyous learning
  • Online help and surveillance
  • Module for activity-based training
  • Methods for online help and surveillance
  • Integrated training of head as critical academic support

    We Aim To:

  • Improve learning outcomes for students
  • Create an enriching inclusive classroom environment
  • Train teachers to become first-level counsellors
  • Train teachers to comprehend a student’s social, emotional and psychological needs
  • Train teachers to use Art as pedagogy to increase creativity and innovation
  • Train teachers to develop personal-social qualities of students for holistic development
  • Create a safe and healthy school environment
  • Create a stress-free assessment
  • Integrate LMS in teaching-learning and assessment

TG Gurukul Learning Framework