TG Gurukul has easy-to-understand course material created by our experienced teachers and supports students in their quest to learn and retain knowledge.

 All study material is accessible through all kinds of devices, perfect for learning on the go. This allows easy accessibility while making the content scalable, allowing it to suit growing young minds. No one mind is alike – here, at TG Gurukul, the variety of study material supports different learning styles and needs.

We aim to:

  • Achieve learning outcomes through quality study material
  • Enable quick last-minute revisions with notes and mind maps
  • Reduce the teacher’s workload with ready-to-use content
  • Support students to ace tests and assignments
  • Make interactive and engaging content to facilitate easy learning
  • Improve memorisation and retention
  • Help students revise better with class recordings that are available for 24 hours
  • Create easy-to-follow study materials

Study material consists of

  • Concept video
  • Live sessions
  • Chapter tests
  • Mind maps
  • Study notes
  • Homework tests
  • Virtual lab sessions
  • Polls
  • Lessons plans
  • Live class recordings

TG Gurukul Learning Framework