TG Gurukul courses help you to prepare for competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, Olympiads, Dr Homi Bhabha, and others.

With experienced teachers, personalised study schedules, unlimited mock tests and live classes for concept clarity, the student is able to Learn, Practice and Excel in these exams. It provides study material, tests, analytics, live classes and doubt-removal sessions for extra practice and revision. It tracks the student’s performance in tests and assignments, allowing the teacher and student themself to identify their weak areas. The automated evaluation for MCQs provides the students with quick results for instant analysis.

We Have:

  • One-on-one doubt-removal during live classes
  • Recorded videos of teachers for concept clarity
  • Mock tests and past papers for extra practice
  • Tests at the chapter, topic and sub-topic level for detailed revision
  • Result analytics to gauge the student’s overall performance 
  • Career counselling for students

TG Gurukul Learning Framework