TG Gurukul Analytics Centre provides you with analytics software for State government learning projects.

It tracks gaps in the learning outcomes of every student. It provides the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners, learning environments and contexts to understand and optimise learning and their environments. As education’s revolutionary pace has begun with the digitalisation of the education system, data analytical practices and implementation has made it easy to tackle the challenges effectively. The advanced and supportive technology helps analyse the detailed report on a broader scale within a stipulated period.

We Have:

  • Daily online attendance for students and teachers
  • A centralised assessment system
  • Student-wise analysis mapped with Learning Outcomes
  • Real-time-based monitoring exams
  • Assessment or evaluation progress cards
  • Predictive analysis to gauge the overall academic performance
  • Graphical analytical reports of the student’s performance
  • Analysis of the school-level performance

TG Gurukul Learning Framework