Educator training and deployment



  • Teacher selection is the process of selecting high-quality professional tutors. Teaching and learning are the core of elementary and primary education, and we consider them essential aspects during teacher selection, including:
    • Verbal Ability
    • Content Knowledge
    • Teacher Certification
    • Teaching Experience
    • Relevant syllabus exposure and Expertise


  • Teachers’ orientation is conducted during the introduction to the TG GURUKUL platform that includes courses offered, content creation, teaching pedagogy, tests and assessments. In addition, senior teachers are assigned as mentors to each new teacher onboarded, who is responsible for the training and assigning of these teachers to respective classes.


  • Training is conducted about how to use the TG GURUKUL platform and Whiteboard. Mock demos and sessions are conducted to gauge the use of whiteboard tools, content, and teaching pedagogy. Once the teacher completes the two-week training session successfully, the mentor certifies the teacher and assigns him/her to the respective class.


Live Online Classroom Sessions

  • TG Gurukul programmes are designed for students to maximise their learning potential. These Live Online Classroom Sessions involve live learning with Expert Teachers who have successfully guided many students. All questions related to the concepts being taught can be answered on the spot, followed by regular unit tests and class tests to gauge the students’ progress.

Proof of Concept

  • Proof of Concept is a programme in which TG Gurukul teachers teach a class of students their choice of topic. All types of visual and auditory devices are used to make the class interactive. It is an effective substitute to ensure that impactful teaching reaches remotely based students.

Career Counselling and Workshops

  • We extend our teaching to understanding students’ individual learning styles and modes and design the programmes based on their interests and aptitude – with face-to-face conversations. Our demonstration sessions are critical for this.

Educator recruitment and selection

  • Teacher selection is the process of choosing only high-quality professional teachers from among the assembled applicants for the role.
  • TG has the motto that NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND. Therefore, it is highly imperative to identify and select highly qualified individuals to facilitate learning in a productive and academically enriching classroom environment.
  • TG GURUKUL teachers are evaluated across the following dimensions.
    • The teacher as a person (i.e., personal attributes)
    • Classroom management and organisation
    • Planning for instruction
    • Implementing instruction (i.e., instructional delivery)
    • Monitoring student progress and potential (i.e., student assessment and student expectations)
  • TG GURUKUL recruitment team considers the following aspects while selecting teachers:
    • Verbal Ability
    • Content Knowledge
    • Teacher Certification
    • Teaching Experience
    • Relevant Language proficiency
    • Syllabus expertise

Educator onboarding and training

  • Teachers are provided programs by the lead teachers.
  • The Lead Teachers start with an introduction and meet up with the other Teachers in the team and walk them through the basic know-how about the team.
  • The Lead Teachers then take them to the website and ask them to go through the site and make a note of the following parameters:
    • The courses offered by TG, details of the courses, and the content of the courses.
    • The Faculties on board with TG, their qualifications, and their recorded videos.
    • Overall understanding of the site.
  • The Lead Teachers review the notes taken by the New Teachers and guide them further to look at the Recorded sessions by other existing Teachers.
  • The Lead Teachers Explain and Assign Content Creation work to the New Teachers based on the requirements in Consultation with the SBU Head.
  • The Content Creation involves, but is not limited to, the following:
    • The Curation of the Question if required.
    • The Creation of Answer Explanation.
    • The Tagging of the Question as per the Subscription, else suggesting changes in the Existing Tags.
  • The Lead Teachers Review the content creation/tagging and suggest changes to the New Teachers.
  • The New Teachers are asked to redo the work till it is up to the mark.
  • Once the review is done, the Lead Teachers give a GO Ahead for the Independent Content Creation work by the New Teachers.
  • The Lead Teachers hand over the New Teachers to Support Team for the Whiteboard Training.
  • The Support Team Schedules the Training of the Whiteboard with the New Teachers. The Training includes the following:
    • Introduction to the TG Whiteboard and explanation of the features.
    • The Hand Holding followed by the Practice of the Pen – Tablet by the new teachers.
    • The Usage of the Whiteboard by teachers for practicing.
  • The Support Team overviews the progress of the New Teacher as per the progress made by the Teacher while using the Whiteboard.
  • Once the Support Team Gives a Go Ahead, then the Mock Session is held with Other Teachers to check for the delivery.
  • The Support Team helps the New Teachers go through recordings of the ongoing sessions to understand the process followed by the existing teachers in the way they teach.
  • The Support Team, in tandem with the Existing Teachers, schedule Mock Sessions to check the teacher’s delivery.
  • Every Teacher needs to prepare and give a demo of the topic of their choice on the White Board.
  • The Teachers Review the Sessions and give detailed Feedback about the sessions.
  • Once the Review Teacher(s) gives a GO Ahead, then the Teachers are on boarded for Regular Sessions/Demos.