Our software team is adept in handling software development, training, implementation, maintenance, management, and user support services.

The design, development and implementation of the software are created and managed as per the NDEAR guidelines.

Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team works in coordination with the software team to take care of:
  • Maintenance, bug fixes and end-user problem resolution
  • Upgradations
  • Training and Implementation support to users
  • Helpdesk Support to Users
  • Administration
  • Documentation

We aim to

The software was developed as per the NDEAR guidelines making it accessible and user-friendly. It aims to achieve guidelines like:

  • Unified but not uniform
  • Ecosystem-driven
  • Open access
  • Addresses diversity, inclusion, and special needs
  • Evolvable
  • Provide design by choice
  • Leverage investments

TG Gurukul Learning Framework