We provide content development, training, implementation, maintenance, management and user support services as a part of our E-content preparation services.

All the content created is in accordance with the NCERT/CBSE/State Board/Higher Education, study pattern, and more.

As a part of the digital content, we provide:

  • Virtual Labs/Experiments
  • Animated Video Module/2D content
  • Bite-sized videos
  • Theoretical/Textual content
  • Digitised Academic content
  • Assessments

All the content created in TG Gurukul follow Bloom’s Taxonomy to ensure achievable learning outcomes for the learner. It has dynamic adaptability allowing learners to acquire problem-solving skills through activity-based education. It is mapped to the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) and follows NDEAR guidelines. All the content for the courses has been developed in English and other several regional languages.

We aim to

  • Achieve learning outcomes through implementatio
  • Train teachers and schools
  • Customise our services as per the student’s requirement
  • Enable learners to connect the topic taught to problem-solving scenario
  • Align the e-content with Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Boost learning and retention by dividing topics into smaller sub-topics
  • Make learning easy for students by implementing the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) model
  • Make our platform accessible and user-friendly across 22 major browser

TG Gurukul Learning Framework