Our Specialized School Program

Here is an integrated solution for an uncompromised learning experience. Save yourself the hassle of managing many providers. To help you accomplish more with fewer resources, we provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the learning management system, connection, content, and analytics!

TG Gurukul is a state-of-the-art, technology-enabled solution for schools to address the ever-growing problems they face while providing top-notch and quality education to their students. The TG Gurukul® School Program is a ground-breaking framework for streaming live classes directly into classrooms from expert teachers, most of whom are IIT alumni. These teachers complement and supplement the curriculum sessions that the school's faculty lead by using an intelligent breakdown of lesson plans to provide students with a seamless education.

Teachers at TG Gurukul® are subject-matter specialists who are also aware of the difficulties in developing one's intellect and soft skills in a society where competition is on the rise. Our staff of subject matter experts, who are by far the finest in their field at developing educational content, utilizing our unique technique, provide support to our teachers. Schedules for live classes are broadcast in advance and projected on a screen in the classroom. Live courses are interactive, allowing for two-way communication. In addition, the school and students have access to live classes that have been recorded and stored in the cloud for viewing purposes.

Benefits of our Program

TG Gurukul is a one-stop solution for creating a future-ready institute. With our learning solution, which combines online tutoring, technology, content, pedagogy, and analytics, you can get more out of your training programs. We provide:

High-quality education

Our content is developed and delivered by IIT graduates and other highly qualified professionals. Our teaching methodology incorporates practical demonstrations, simulations, higher-complexity questions, and discussion of exemplar questions in the syllabus. We also provide interactions with experts for clarification of doubts and access to model test papers and project ideas.

Address the problem of teacher shortage

Many schools struggle to recruit qualified teachers. As a result, existing school teachers are overworked or unable to complete the study curriculum on time. Our program addresses this problem by taking on and sharing teaching responsibilities.

High Cost-Effective

Our programs are extremely cost-optimal and affordable for institutions and students, both individually and collectively.

School Programs

In-school programs run during regular school hours and TG Gurukul® classes must be incorporated into the school timetable. After-school programs are conducted immediately after school hours.

Learning Platform

  • With a cutting-edge cloud-based platform that handles your online classroom sessions and information sharing, Tomorrow's Genius whiteboard is made to suit all of your tutoring demands.
    • High-quality education at reasonable costs
    • Live lessons are delivered into classrooms with the option of viewing recorded sessions for later revisions
    • Similar to the in-person classroom experience for students
    • A rich interactive environment where students learn through observation demonstrations, simulations, experiments, etc.
    • Access to experts to whom questions can be sent
    • Online communities of other schools enable the exchange of ideas and notes
    • Model papers for tests and examinations
    • Links to other free resources available for teaching

The infrastructure required in Schools

A typical internet connection of around 2 Mbps is needed to access the virtual classroom. The necessary classroom setup consists of a computer, an overhead projector, and a screen, just like in a regular innovative class. Other applications or tools are not required.