TG Gurukul’s Skill and Capacity-Building trainings based on NEP 2020 guidelines are practical and significantly less expensive than other similar programmes.

This presents the opportunity for Indian Central and State Governments to expand their programmes at low cost to cater to all economic strata across India.

TG Gurukul’s Skill and Capacity-building training focus on revamping vocational education. We emphasise the importance of various skill-building courses like Machine Learning, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Financial Literacy, and English-Speaking Courses. 

We aim to

  • Introduce students to practical learning through vocational courses
  • Promote intellectual development in developing minds
  • Create flexible and multilingual courses for grades 6 -11
  • Provide engagement opportunities with professionals
  • Leverage a new online interactive learning platform
  • Stimulate and engage students’ minds
  • Create courses with career development in mind
TG Gurukul’s Skill and Capacity-Building training provide a Psychometric and Aptitude Diagnostic System.
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The capacity-building programmes are in line with the NDEAR framework to make the next generation more imaginative, original, proactive, and proposed.

TG Gurukul Learning Framework